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Newz: Work
Newz: Work

The “P.O.V” trend

How many of us have been up all night, creating fake scenarios in our heads because we can’t fall asleep? Well, now you won’t have to...

We're back!

Thank you for being so patient with us! Most of our writers are also college students, so we gave them a couple of weeks off to enjoy...

We'll Be Right Back!

Nerdz Newz is going to take a little break to allow our writers to enjoy their Thanksgiving holiday! We will be back in two weeks with...

Searching for Nerdz!

We here at Nerdz Newz are looking for more contributing writers and interns. If you can write one 500-word article this week about any of...

TBT Concert Review: Air Supply

Popular ‘70s and ‘80s bands are making a comeback in a big way, and you will often find just as many Gen Zers and Millennials at their...

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We are what the title says--a group of nerds writing about what we love (gaming, entertainment, fashion, music, movies, etc.).
If you have any story ideas or suggestions OR if you're interested in a writing internship, please contact the interim editor at
We'd love to hear from you!

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