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8 Reasons Why You Must Visit India at least Once In Your Lifetime

India, blessed with natural beauty, attracts millions of visitors from all over the world every year who are attracted by the prospect of a journey to India. Mountains or plains, beaches or backwaters, wildlife tours or adventure activities, lonely islands or bustling metropolises, gastronomic delights or indigenous beverages, spiritual vacations or romantic getaways - there are many reasons to visit India. The tourist attractions in India provide many reasons for first-time visitors to India to wish they had stayed a little longer.

1. Affordability

Travel is all about money. The more you have, the more destinations you can visit around the world. However, the situation in India is different. India is ranked 10th in the world for "price competitiveness" - in other words, your vacation will be far less expensive than you expect. Travel is rather inexpensive, thanks to reasonably priced luxury accommodations, reliable public transit, and inexpensive yet DELICIOUS food. So, the next time you're planning a world vacation, make India a top priority.

2. Diverse culture

India is a place that everyone should visit once in their lives to get out of their comfort zones and get a different perspective on life. The culture shock in India can be hard to deal with. However, you’ll quickly come to appreciate what is in store for you. It’s impossible to leave India as the same person as when you arrived. It will change you. This may be the biggest reason why you should visit India on your next holiday.

Lively and colourful festivals, dance and classical music, and apparel are all examples of culture's beauty. For instance, clothing in India is conditional to different cultures, religions, ethnicity and geography. Fibres, colours, weaving and style of clothing also differs. Every state and region has a different dressing style. And the rich and luxurious heritage of the country makes the clothing more graceful and classy in its own different way. Such diversity in one country makes it interesting and at the same time incredible.

3. Food

Travelling to India solely for food is a no-brainer. Perhaps no other country can match India's culinary diversity. We Indians take our food extremely seriously, and our cuisine is as diverse as the country itself. There are a lot of rich, creamy curries in the north that are mildly spicy. The north's cuisine is mainly inspired by Persian and Mughlai culinary methods. Southern Indian cuisine is known for using items like coconut, shrimp, and rice, and it is spicier than food from the north of India.

4. Rich art and history

India is known around the world for its wonderful ancient history and mythology, and it is also one of the world's oldest cultures. Handicrafts and handlooms, castles, forts, religious places and monuments. Many people travel to India for its spiritual aspect, to find their true self, for inner peace and harmony in life.

Everything is one-of-a-kind and unusual to learn about, observe, and participate in. The practices observed are based on the earliest texts, and people adhere to them, which is one of the factors that contribute to Incredible India's culture.

5. Brilliant architecture

India is home to one of the world's oldest civilizations. Due to the impact of the numerous dynasties and civilizations that have flourished in India, architecture has changed over many centuries. The historical and archaeological sites are breathtaking, and many have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. India's forts, palaces, and temples are generally distinguished by some of the most stunning architectural designs, displaying the kingdoms' and dynasties' artistic skill. India presently has 32 UNESCO World Heritage sites, making it a treasure trove for history lovers and design enthusiasts.

6. Festivals

The most fantastic way to define the message of "Unity in Diversity" is through Indian festivals. People of all faiths may be seen celebrating holidays such as Holi, Diwali, Eid, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, and others with zeal. Everyone takes part in each other's festivals, which are what India is known for. There is no other country on the planet that can treat you with such respect and introduce you to diverse cultures.

7. People

Indians are friendly and amazing hosts, particularly in rural areas, they are among the warmest and most welcoming people you'll meet. You'll undoubtedly be moved by the kindness of the people, whether you're invited into a local's home for a traditional meal or simply explore the streets and come across youngsters playing.

8. The hustle and chaos

Embracing the chaos is an important part of any trip to India! There will be endless traffic jams, crowded streets, delays, incessant honking of horns, swerving motorbikes and rickshaws and many invasions of personal space. Learning to relax, go with the flow and be at peace with things happening in ‘Indian time’ will facilitate a much deeper understanding of the nation and culture.

No matter where you travel to in India, a keen sense of adventure follows you everywhere you go. Whether you’re riding around the southern beaches of Goa on a Royal Enfield, trekking snow-capped mountains in the north, attempting to spot Bengal tigers and Indian elephants in the wild, or even just navigating the chaotic streets of Delhi, travelling to India is one big adventure in itself!

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