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The Team

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Pen Baxter

Managing Writer & Co-Editor

Pen Baxter has traveled to and lived throughout the U.S., residing in states such as Connecticut, Kentucky, Virginia, Washington, and Pennsylvania. Pen has attended Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania and will be attending Trinity College in the fall. He is working towards a degree in Graphic Design and Fine Arts.

Pen is a self-proclaimed nerd, enjoys scouring YouTube looking for the best in movie reviews, and loves to read. (His favorite author is Dave Barry). You can reach Pen at his website or on Instagram @penbxtr.

If you are interested in being a contributing writer with Nerdz Newz, please email Pen at

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B.K. Delaney

Contributing Writer
& Co-Editor

B.K. Delaney has always been passionate about storytelling and the written word. She loves engaging with the projects she works on, diving headfirst into the research, investigation, and production of stories she feels compelled to write. A curious and proactive Writer, interested in preserving the clients' voice using modern themes and trends. B.K. lives in the midwest with her husband and daughter.

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Cat Calabro

Contributing Writer

If you're looking for Cat, you can find her either curled up with a cup of tea and a history doc or hunting the halls of an antique shop for love letters/diaries and fraying yellowed photos. She attends Susquehanna University as a Creative Writing major and Film Studies minor. When she's not in class or writing for a grade, she's writing pieces about forlorn loves and watching the show Ghost Adventures late into the night. :)


Dharini Suresh

Contributing Writer

Dharini is an enthusiastic senior at Army Public School, India, and she is into exploring new ideas and trying out new things. She loves to try her hand at different challenges and activities, especially those that expand her comfort zone. Dharini is interested in law and criminology and plans to pursue a career in that field. She also enjoys singing and playing various musical instruments.

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Gabby Grinaway

Contributing Writer

Gabby Grinaway is an undergraduate Creative Writing and Publishing & Editing double major with a minor in Museums and Anthropology. She is a queer, experimental poet from Northeastern Pennsylvania with an interest in art, music, and literature.


Heather Marlette

Contributing Writer

Heather Marlette is a freelance writer who is lucky enough to be able to combine many of her favorite things: writing, parenting, gaming, and sci-fi. She is a geek who knows it, accepts it, and thinks it rocks. She believes SWAG (Star Wars Always Great), that Ironman and Black Widow are the best heroes ever, and laughs with Big Bang, not at it. Heather's deepest hope is that we discover the force is real someday, and that all the nonbelievers do not get lightsabers. She loves the Yankees, the 49ers, Broadway and tries to live how she wants and to be her true self all 525,600 minutes of the year.


C. Saint

Contributing Writer

Cameron Saint is a senior at Loyola University Chicago studying Psychology and Spanish. Besides a yearning passion of becoming a clinical psychologist, Cameron has a desire to pursue writing professionally. They have used many different writing mediums such as poetry, short stories, playwrights, and more.

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