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The “P.O.V” trend

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

How many of us have been up all night, creating fake scenarios in our heads because we can’t fall asleep? Well, now you won’t have to waste your energy on doing so.

Every time you open a Tik Tok or Instagram reel, the first thing that pops up on the "For You" page is something along the lines of: "POV: I see you sitting alone in the park and approach you and you say “You’re not supposed to be able to see me."

So what is “P.O.V.?" POV stands for "Point Of View." These are short video clips of people just gazing into their phone camera, enacting fake scenarios in a way where the viewer feels like it’s their point of view, happening right in front of them in real-time.

While some of these videos are realistic and meaningful, most of them are about some fantasy world, like mini horror films, or cosplays.

Even though such videos are just for the purpose of entertainment, they are a great way of increasing the number of your followers. All you need is a catchy background song, a creative "POV" caption and interesting look, and voilà--Tik Tok content! Since such videos are designed to make the viewer feel included, the audience becomes engaged. They’re more likely to "like" the video or save it for later, and the more "likes," the more frequent it appears on your "For You" page.

At the beginning of this trend, it was only on the Tik Tok app, but now it is widely used on Instagram where tons of “POVs” are being made. From the first layers, this trend has been popular amongst teenagers who want to share their life with others. These go viral and create hype among the viewers.

Most of the POV videos are something personal--someone finds out that their partner is cheating on them, etc.--but many times these can take a dark turn. For example, there are some videos with a POV of abuse or murder. And sometimes with such videos, it gets difficult for the viewers to distinguish between what’s fiction and what’s real. But mostly these POV videos are for the sole purpose of entertainment and are an opportunity to showcase their creativity and acting skills.

Even though these can be cringy at times, they can be quite entertaining. There are limitless genres for these “POV” videos, so if you’re trying to gain followers, #POV is your way to go.

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