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TBT Concert Review: Air Supply

Popular ‘70s and ‘80s bands are making a comeback in a big way, and you will often find just as many Gen Zers and Millennials at their concerts as you will Gen Xers. One band that had a significant and loyal following for decades is the Australian musical duo Air Supply who have been together since 1975.

Before going to one of these TBT concerts, I often mentally prepare myself, as the performers are often pushing 70 years old. They certainly aren’t going to sound the same as their recordings from 40 years prior, right? This is not the case with Air Supply. English-born singer-songwriter and guitarist Graham Russell and Australian lead vocalist Russell Hitchcock couldn’t have sounded better.

I was lucky enough to see the duo perform last week (October 21) at the Wind Creek Casino in Bethlehem, PA. As I drove to the venue with my mother, we listened to their greatest hits album during the three-hour drive, where she repeatedly said, “Now remember, they’re in their 70s. There is no way they’re going to sound this good tonight,” doing her best to defend them. However, it was clear they needed no defending. Within the first minute of the concert’s opening song (“Sweet Dreams”), with a shocked look on her face, she said, “Wow! I guess I was wrong!” We both clearly thought they looked and sounded much younger than their years.

The band performed most of their well-known hits (“All Out of Love,” “Every Woman In The World,” “Making Love Out of Nothing at All,” “The One That You Love”), as well as other hits that some may have forgotten (“Without You” (remade by Mariah Carey) and “Just As I Am”).

The only song that I was hoping to hear but that wasn’t played was their version of “The Power of Love,” which was originally released by Jennifer Rush in 1984 and covered in the 1990s by both Laura Branigan and Celine Dion. However, if you look at the playlist below, you will know that the audience was not cheated by them not including it in their set. Virtually everything they performed during their two hours was a hit.

The duo certainly have a great connection, which comes through in their music. At one point, Graham called Russell his “best friend of 47 years,” which was quite endearing. However, the funniest moment of the night was when Russell Hitchcock quipped, “People always call Graham ‘the tall one.’ That’s okay. He can be ‘the tall one’ because I’m ‘the star.’”

Indeed, you are Russell. Indeed, you are.

Concert Rating: 10/10—a must-see

The Set List for Air Supply’s 2021-22 Tour:

1. Sweet Dreams

2. Even The Nights Are Better

3. Just As I Am

4. Every Woman In The World

5. Here I Am

6. Chances

7. Goodbye

8. I Adore You

9. Two Less Lonely People In The World

10. Lost In Love

11. Making Love Out Of Nothing At All


12. Without You

13. All Out Of Love



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