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End of the Road: The Final Season of Insecure

In less than 12 hours the fifth and final season of the 30-minute comedy show, Insecure, will premiere on HBO Max. Insecure has become a staple in black communities and has impacted black owned businesses and local artists. Writer and producer, Issa Rae, has not only created a show that displays powerful black storylines, but she also showcases black talent. Each episode is accompanied by a top-tier soundtrack and sometimes features local businesses in Los Angeles. Within the context of the show, the writers have developed thought provoking characters and relationships with strong development and arcs such as Molly, Daniel, Dro, and the relationship between Issa Dee and Lawrence. With such an inspiring and hilariously entertaining show coming to an end, what better way to celebrate it than to relive all of its funniest scenes, messy characters, and heartfelt storylines. And of course, we can’t have a recap of the show, without questioning what’s to come in the future for season five!

I think we can all agree that Issa rapping to herself in the mirror is one of the most iconic features of the show. It’s equally hilarious and relatable to say the least. In Season 2 Episode 6, “Hella Blows”, Issa has an awkward encounter with her neighbor Eddie, played by Leon Thomas III. Before arriving at his apartment, she hyped herself up in the mirror knowing exactly what she was going to get but sadly was rejected. Although this was not Issa’s best moments, everyone had to laugh at her impromptu diss to Eddie.

The lively and comedic relief that is Kelli, portrayed by Natasha Rothwell, brings another level of comedy to the Insecure ensemble. Any scene she is in brings me laughter

and even moments of pondering because of her timely unconventional words of wisdom. Overall, Kelli is one of the best characters on the show who deserves more screen time. Between her getting tased at Coachella to faking a British accent to impress Amine, she is the most honest and raw character on the show. Honestly, she’s the only one in the friend group who treats everyone equally and loves wholly. I don’t think anyone could have portrayed the character as well as Rothwell did.

Aside from the comedy, Insecure has lots of drama which brings out some intense moments for the characters. One of the most intense scenes has to be the moment

Lawrence finds out about Daniel. When he calmly asked Issa if she was cheating on him, I knew that yelling wasn’t far behind. It’s always the “chill”, nice guys who have the worst tempers. Don’t get me wrong, his anger was justified given the fact that his girlfriend for six years had cheated on him; however, the moment definitely surprised me because I wasn’t sure how the argument was going to end. Jay Ellis and Issa Rae did some of their best acting

in that scene because I genuinely felt every emotion in that moment from the both of them. Even though things can get tense, there’s a lot of heart between each character and their relationships. One of my favorite relationships, or should I say situationships, would have to be between Dro and Molly. I am a sucker for the

friends-with-benefits trope, especially because I fell in love with my best friend, but also because they explore what polyamorous relationships actually look like. In my opinion, Molly was not ready for the maturity of that relationship and that’s okay. I just wish we got more time to learn and explore the character of Dro. He was a great addition to the cast and was surprisingly one of Molly’s healthiest relationships.

Insecure has given us so many elements that have been missing from modern day black shows. With such beautifully diverse actors and actresses, the show offers us the real lives of being black in L.A. without depicting harmful storylines such as the usage of white saviors. It is also a relief to see dark skin black women in roles that do not revolve around slavery. Issa

Rae and everyone involved in the production that is Insecure has changed television forever. In this final season, I hope to hear some of my favorite songs and new songs in the soundtrack, forgive Molly for all of her messiness, and feel at peace with the ending. Regarding the plot, I hope to see more of Nathan’s storyline with mental health. I wonder how he will react when he finds out Issa could be getting back together with Lawrence? Will Issa stay with Lawrence even though Condola is pregnant? And most importantly, will Issa and Molly amend their friendship? I have so many questions, but we’ll all find out in a matter of hours.

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