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Moonstruck Has Me Struck By Moonbeams (Spoilers Included!)

Have you ever watched a movie that made your heart so warm and fuzzy. Had you feeling like this movie was the life you were suppose to be living? I found this feeling in the movie Moonstruck. Which funnily enough, I found this movie through another movie which the characters made Moonstruck their comfort film. I laughed at the little clip in the movie and wanted to know which movie it was. I found the clip and immediately afterwards watched the movie. I've been in love ever since. I mean, Cher and Nicholas Cage are in the movie, alongside the iconic Olympia Dukakis. What's not to love in a movie. We get the beginning song of That's Amore by Dean Martin. We even see a beautiful shot, of the Twin Towers.

Why, do I write about this movie? A movie that came out in 1987. I talk about this movie because, movie reviews are all being written about movies that have different release dates no matter the time between the review and the release. I enjoy reading reading reviews that from these previous years about movies that were made decades ago. We know that the movies that are in theaters now are flawless looking. The camera's are a product of this time. They costs thousands of dollars, they're high tech, you break one and you hope that it wasn't working correctly for the crew and director, anyways.

The things about older movies is that they have a quality about them. They don't look flawless, and it works. It gives the movie a personality. I think that's what I love so much about Moonstruck. It's not glossy, or matte finishing looking. I don't know how to explain it. Definitely not with, nail polish terminology.

Loretta and Ronnie (Cher and Nicholas Cage's characters)

Maybe, I'm biased. The storyline revolves around an Italian family in New York. (We're never told what borough). I'm an Italian girl whose Italian/Cypriot mother grew up in New York, (Bronx, if you're wondering). So, the movie feels personal to me more than it would others. I understand the Italian dialogue when they all switch from English to Italian, and I laugh over the hand gestures. Even the little storylines in the back of the main one. Like the professor who dates his students and they all dump him the same way. He copes the same way too. Or, how the Nonno has all his dogs howl at the Cosmo moon. (We again get an excellent shot of the Twin Towers). We're mad as hell, when Cosmo is shown cheating on his wife with a woman, in a different restaurant than the one every character in the movie knows and gives her an a present that's just as stupid as the whole cheating scheme. (You gotta watch the movie to understand). We see Loretta (Cher) go to confession. Confess about her cheating and find out that her mother Rose (Olympia Dukakis) knows about the cheating of her husband Cosmo.

We as the viewers aren't seeing a world coming to an end, or a gory war that only one person can put an end to. However, these movies are great as well. It's a simple movie, with a semi-complex storyline, that has a lot of meaning behind it. It's a warm blanket right out the dryer on the days where the rain outside won't stop coming down for love or money. You feel safe with this movie playing, at least I do.

I feel like I've gushed all I could gush about how much I love this film. If I haven't convinced you to go watch it I'm wounded. But, if you gushed about how much you love this film like I do, then do you wanna be friends? Either way, another film review about Moonstruck had to be put out into the world and I had to do it. It's my duty to myself.

As always.

All the love,


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