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The Oscars Gave Us Quite the Show

Ignoring the whole debacle of the whole WIll Smith vs. Chris Rock showdown, the Oscars happened last Sunday, and it was a night of very big highs and happy faces for a lot of actors. Some movies that should have been there were snubbed, like House of Gucci. A film that should have been rifled with nominations, but still we got to see Lady Gaga give out an award with Liza Minnelli. Which was iconic in itself.

Representation was everywhere within the Oscars, from CODA being the first film on a streaming service to win best picture. The win stating that streaming services like Apple TV+, Netflix, and HBO Max are starting to make gains with original content, and the Academy is starting to notice. CODA won all three of its nominations, from best adapted screenplay, best supporting actor and best picture. It was a big win for the deaf community. The movie starring a predominantly deaf cast.

Dune did very well for itself, I actually saw this movie before the Oscars. I'm giving myself a pat on the back for this because, I've been rewatching a lot of old favorites recently. I really liked the movie, and apparently so did the Oscars. Having wins in best production design, sound, cinematography, visual effects, editing, and original score by Hans Zimmer. Btw, Zendaya looked fabulous on the red carpet and in the movie. With less than minutes of screen time in the movie, she'll be more prominent and an important character in the sequel to Dune. I'm excited to see where the story goes, since it's only the beginning of what we see through premonitions through Timothée Chalamet's character Paul Atreides.

The Power of the Dog starred one of my favorite actors Benedict Cumberbatch. From being Dr. Strange to Sherlock, I just think he has a cute personality. The movie had only one win, for Jane Campion it was best director. This made it the third woman director to win this category, which is a big deal, and a huge win for the woman :). This was another movie just like CODA where it was made specifically for a streaming service. This time the streaming service being Netflix.

These streaming services are coming out with some tv shows and movies that are top notch, so, it's no surprise that the Oscars are taking these tv shows/movies as seriously as the movies and tv shows that are released in the theaters and on cable. I wonder what we'll see in the future and if streaming will take movies theaters out of business. We'll see what happens in the future.

I've talked about Encanto in the past. It was in fact my first article subject that I published. This was the movie that made me and my mother cry, hug each other, and have a heart to heart. It was a great moment. The movie had two live performances of the songs "Dos Oruguitas" the beautiful ballad sung by Sebastián Yatra and the funky remix of "We Don't Talk About Bruno" by Megan Thee Stallion joining the original cast. Oh, by the way, it also won best animated feature. This was the movie that touched so many people in 2021. A true gem of a film. This was another movie that helped push representation for the Lantinx community.

Another film that pushed for representation and gave new life to a classic was West Side Story. I again pat myself on the shoulder, because I watched this and again I really loved it. I, and everyone who has great taste loves the original. This West Side Story gave homage to the Broadway production and within that homage, came a beautiful film. The movie won one nomination, and honestly it was well deserved. Ariana DeBose, who is the first openly queer performer of color. She won best supporting actress for her portrayal of Anita.

If you read my articles, which if you do. Thank you, I appreciate it. If you don't, honestly fair. But, the two people who read my articles know I have a big love for costume design, and the designers who clothe the actors/actresses. One such movie, which circled around the fashion world was the iconic live action production of Cruella. A live action remake of the story of the infamous Cruella DeVile from 101 Dalmations. This is a movie that made my heart happy to watch. This was the third Oscar win for costume designer Jenny Beavan who almost turned down the opportunity to help with the costume designing and camp couture of the film. Really bringing fashion on the big screen to another level. This was a film that focused around camp fashion. She nailed it. It was the campiest of films.

The Oscars, really gave us a lot to look at, from the...Will moment, to the incredible three hosts Wanda Skyes, Regina Hall and Amy Schumer who made it a fun night, to the films that were celebrated throughout the night. It was an Oscars we as a world, will definitely remember.

As always.

All the love,


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