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Wishful Wednesday: Ghostbusters II

Montage of scenes from Ghostbusters 2 under Logo of Ghost With Red Circle and Line through it
Who Ya Gonna Call

Like many others, Ghostbusters was one of my favorite childhood movies. Another installment arrives in November, so I wanted to share how I wish Ghostbusters II had played out for today's wishful Wednesday.

Many fans don't like this one, but it's a guilty pleasure for me. In my cut, Vigo is an imposing presence. He wasn't an immediate threat like Gozer previously. Below is the summary of how I wish it had played out.

Ghostbusters II: Wrath of Vigo - As envisioned by Alexis Page

Background:16th century – Vigo, the Carpathian's reign in Europe, is long and ghastly. Angry peasants execute him. "Death is but a doorway. Time is but a window. I'll be back!"

1989, New York City – Dana Barrett and Peter Venkman are married and live with their infant son, Oscar. The incident where Oscar's stroller careens through the streets remains. The Ghostbusters are defunct.

Dana asks Egon for help about the stroller incident. Egon suffers intense headaches and hears a voice in his head: "Your soul is mine, Egon." Ignoring it, he carries on with his studies.

Dana still works for the Manhattan Museum of Art, where Vigo's painting survives. While working, she hears the same voice as Egon: "I will reign again. The time is nigh."

Per Dana's request, Egon, Ray, and Peter excavated the area from the incident as normal. As Ray is reeled up, Egon's eyes become white. Vigo has influenced his mind. Egon cuts Ray's cord as he dangles from the ledge with one hand. Peter berates Egon and helps Ray up. Egon has no memory of what happened.

The courthouse scene proceeds as normal. When the ghost brothers appear, Egon is influenced by Vigo again. He performs a vanishing spell in Latin. Vigo releases him. Everyone looks at a bewildered Egon awkwardly. Montages of the crew's revival proceed.

Dana's bathtub attack stays. The crew's toaster experiments and subway investigation remains. Egon threatens his friends under Vigo's influence. Ray and Winston vow to save Egon.

Our crew's plea with the mayor and admission into a hospital stay. Vigo influences Egon to perform a spell melting the cell locks. The Ghostbusters escape to HQ and prepare for Vigo's return.

1989 New Year's Eve – Vigo conjures spirits to kidnap Oscar. Dana, Louis, and Janine run to the museum. Montages of paranormal chaos in New York remain. The mayor is informed of the crew's escape and fires his assistant.

A powerful slime barrier surrounds the building, locking Louis and Janine out. Vigo performs a sleep spell on Dana and Oscar.

The Statue of Liberty scene stays. When the Ghostbusters break into the museum, Vigo possesses Egon fully. An epic battle ensues when Egon uses dark magic against our crew's positively charged slime. He's too powerful.

Citizens sing "Auld Lang Syne" outside. This weakens the slime barrier and Vigo. The crew continues blasting positive slime. Vigo abandons Egon as his mind returns.

His friends embrace Egon as they destroy Vigo's painting, defeating him forever. Dana and Oscar awaken as Peter tends to them. The River of Slime dissolves, and all is well again."

Ghostbuster: Afterlife will hit theaters November 11, 2021



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