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Why Supernatural Should Have Ended A Long Time Ago

WARNING: Contains Spoilers

What could be better than a dark, flawed, and attractive hero? Two of them! Then make them

brothers on a mission to stop the apocalypse, and pair that with unique mythologies, daunting

monsters, and fighting God himself, and you’ve got interesting television.

The creators of Supernatural knew what they were doing, and the television series shot to fame

in 2005 when it first aired. Viewers could not resist the dynamic characters, witty humor, and

unique storyline this show presented. Supernatural was something new and unlike anything we

had ever seen before. The series acquired a diehard fandom that kept the show going for a

monumental 15 seasons, which is much longer than it should have.

The original writer and creator of Supernatural, Eric Kripke, intended for the show to only last

five seasons, and mapped the storyline as such. The final episode of season 5 beautifully wraps

up the series and many fans feel the show was never the same after. When the series got renewed

for a sixth season Eric Kripke departed from the team and the show got a new writer. None of us

were ready to say goodbye to the Winchester brothers just yet, and fans cannot deny that the

series had amazing moments post-season 5.

However, as the series went on many fans began to feel that the show was losing its heart.

Nothing felt sacred with serious emotionally moving moments being overlooked after multiple

characters had died and been resurrected on several occasions. Judging by the steady decline in

viewers and ratings throughout the show, many started to feel like the writers were running out

of ideas. Arguably, after season 11 the show began to get repetitive, and only the most dedicated

of fans continued watching to learn the final fate of the Winchester brothers.

Season 15 was the final season that wrapped up on November 19, 2020. After fifteen years of the

brothers, “saving people, hunting things, the family business,” the fans expected a grand

departure, but viewers were underwhelmed, to say the least. In the final season, several episodes

lacked a meaningful plot. A few bittersweet episodes paid homage with throwback moments and

references that served as a tribute to the series’ long run. However, it was underwhelming

compared to prior seasons that built up to an ultimate final battle with God. The characters that

we all knew and loved dearly, like Castiel, had a rushed anti-climactic death.

The most disheartening death of all was that of Dean Winchester. He deserved a glorious, heroic

death, but instead got impaled on a piece of steel poking out of the wall while fighting vampires.

Fighting vampires of all things, this character has fought demons, archangels, the devil, and even

God himself, but got killed by a vampire. It almost feels like a cruel joke. The only redeeming

part of the finale is the Winchester brothers reuniting in heaven, and finally at peace after fifteen

long years.



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Aug 14, 2021

Great article. Excellent summary of a great series. i could not have said it better myself.

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