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WandaVision: Everything We Know So Far

So, if you haven’t heard, the MCU is expanding its world into series for the Disney+ streaming service. The first one slated to be released will be bizarre, awkward, and outside the realm of anything, audiences have ever seen before.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, coming soon to your screens are going to be the story of how an enhanced being/mutant/telepath with INSANE anger issues met and fell in love with an Android who has an Infinity Stone in his head—introducing the love story to end all love stories – WandaVision.

In case you don’t know the MCU like the back of your hand, if not better (I sometimes think I know it better), let me tell you a little bit. Vision and Wanda were both introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Okay, technically, Wanda and her twin brother have introduced in a post-credit scene during Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but it was briefly, and they were simply referred to as “the twins.”

Anyway, along comes Ultron, who taps into Pietro and Wanda Maximoff’s anger towards Stark Industries and uses them for his purposes. Upon finding out he is bent on destroying the world, they switch sides.

Vision is the second AI introduced, the opposite of Ultron in every way. Cap, Nat, and Barton pull the plug on Bruce and Tony before Vision is done. He is finished by a ton of electricity delivered to him when Thor reappears and hits him with lightning through Mjölnir, cementing the Mind Stone into his sentiment being.

Through the next movies, we see Vision and Wanda growing ever closer until they are shown as a couple in Avengers: Infinity War. By the end, we see Wanda make the ultimate sacrifice, killing the…man…she loves for the greater good. It is all for naught, however, as Thanos had already gotten the Time Stone and simply reversed time to get the Mind Stone by ripping it out of Visions head, killing him. Wanda then fades in dust after The Snap.

We see Wanda as she almost singlehandedly takes Thanos out after being revived when Hulk brought everyone erased by The Snapback in Avengers: Endgame.

WandaVision is the reality that Wanda herself has probably made to be with Vision. It is coming to Disney+ this December, though no exact date is out yet. I am ridiculously excited to see it. I can NOT wait. It is going to be the epitome of strange and ridiculous, over the top in every way. Translation = it is going to be AWESOME. It will likely be out in time for the holidays.

I hope you all watch it and enjoy it in all of its extreme glory.

I know I will.

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