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Netflix True Story Based Series, And Why They Do So Well

A new limited edition Netflix true story series has hit the platform. Inventing Anna and man, is this series seriously good. Based on the story of scamming criminal Anna Delvey. She scammed New York socialites, the creme de le creme of money on the East Coast of the United States. These people were her friends, and her boyfriend (supposedly). She scammed them all and received prison in Rikers. Her release was only a year ago in 2021.

While watching the show, I wondered on how many based on true stories type of series Netflix has and why they're doing so well. I know that we as a people are nosy by default. Everybody wants to know everything about true crime, true history, and true gossip. We can look at families and shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians as a prime example of the population peeking through the cracks of doors to just see how lavish people live their lives.

If we as a people are watching these reality shows which have been nicknamed 'trash tv' by the same people watching them, then how big of a leap is it to be watching tv shows based on real instances and stories. It's like reality tv except with a cast of professional actors instead of the real life counterparts.

Looking through the platform you can see how many of these series Netflix produces and realeases every year. I could name three on the top of my head, not to mention how it's not just tv series, it's movies as well. Movies like The Trial of The Chicago 7 or The Highwaymen. To name a few tv shows Alias Grace, Self Made, The Crown, The Rebellion. These shows, inspired by real stories and real people. This isn't a new concept and it's been done by name other entertainment companies. But Netflix being a streaming service is easy to access. Everything at our fingertips, and can be found on your smart phones, your computers, your tablets. I mean you have it, you can find Netflix or any of the other streaming services on it. Netflix being a house name just means that it's the most popular one so everybody knows you can find your movies and tv shows on it.

So all this rounds to, why is Netflix Based On True Stories media doing so well? I believe that it's because, we as a people are nosy as I previously said. We want the professionally done tv shows and the professionally done movies right at our fingertips. Covid-19 made streaming from your living room the only ways that you could see new movies, since everything was shut down including theaters. Disney didn't even release the movie Luca in theaters. It streamed right up onto Disney+. This was a blow to summer box offices and to Disney the company. But if nobody could watch it in the theaters, there was no point for it to run.

This is the same idea with Netflix releasing content right up onto the site. They don't put their content in the theaters because they know that people will watch it on the site itself. We're watching the based on true stories on Netflix because we know it's going to be there, and we know that it's going to be well done. We're nosy people, and we're demanding people. Netflix accommodates to both parties and does well off because of it.

As always.

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