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Glitch Your Way to Freedom with Free Guy

Ever wonder why kids today play so much Fortnite and Call of Duty? They’re free to be big-mouthed trolls!

Shawn Levy’s Free Guy takes you on a fun and dangerous adventure with an insignificant character - at first glance. Hilariously accurate commentary blasts our maniacal alter egos in virtual worlds. If you feel empty by video game adaptation films, this will lift your pixelated spirit.

Welcome to “Free City,” an open-world video game everyone can’t stop playing. A hotly anticipated sequel approaches. Many non-playable characters (NPCs) call Free City home like Guy (Ryan Reynolds), a bank teller beloved by everyone. Best friend Buddy (Lil Rel Howery) works beside him as a bank security guard. Every day repeats on a loop - get up, eat breakfast, work and survive a robbery.

One day, one woman changes Guy’s life forever. His break from monotony puts Free City and even real life in danger.

Reynolds plays a blissfully ignorant Guy, who knows little else than his daily routine. His awkward humor fuses with bonkers slapstick. Seeing him brutally ran over by random vehicles made my theater choke on laughter.

Jodie Comer plays Millie (MolotovGirl), Guy’s dream girl. She whacks enemies like a boss in Free City, but a genius game developer in reality. Millie has a rocky relationship with ex-partner and co-developer Keys (Joe Keery). Our story centers on their broken bond.

Keys’ boss, Antoine (Taika Waititi), is the best character for me. He’s kooky, wonderfully incompetent, and unrealistic. Someone like Antoine wouldn’t be anywhere near a CEO office. His own employees call him a half-brained idiot. Waititi could have toned down his goofiness a pinch, however.

Keep your eyes peeled for different cameos such as Channing Tatum, Hugh Jackman, JackScepticEye, Pokimane, Matthew Cardarople, The Avengers, Star Wars and many more.

I loved how Free Guy used commentary on us with video games. Millie perfectly summarized what we become - “sociopathic manchildren.” Virtual fantasies give us anonymity thus fueling our perceived immortality. A muscular mercenary could be played by a 12-year-old girl. Guy makes us realize these NPCs have thoughts and ambitions. We only see them behind crosshairs and laugh away. Only one small nitpick: some jokes fall flat being more confusing than funny.

MY RATING? 4/5. Shawn Levy’s Free Guy charges you on a boisterous ride through a ruthless fantasy similar to popular games of today. It hits home with relatable and hilarious examples of gaming behavior. Combining comedy and heart, we explore a broken relationship healed by unconventional means. Unleash your animosity in a lawless paradise.


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