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5 Shows Based In History About Royalty That Will Have You On The Edge Of Your Couch

I find myself losing daylight, parked in front of my laptop delved into the worlds of different royal families of the past. Wether it be drama riddled, or beautiful costumes consisting of gowns bathed in the riches of hues. Each show brings its viewers into the past and gives us just a peek into what life entailed for that country's royal court and the people who lived and worked in it.

Like always, find your comfiest clothes, your snuggiest blanket and let's dive right into the list.

1) Reign

Although more fiction than fact, the show was a favorite among teen age girls for it's very short three seasons. We the viewers get to see the French Court through the eyes of Mary, Queen of Scots. Her engagement, courtship and eventual marriage to Francis Valois. Her having to go back to Scotland and the tribulations that await her there. We even see her actual historically accurate first cousin Queen Elizabeth I and their relationship. We see the downfall of Mary and finally her death.

The show has a bop soundtrack and beautiful costuming. Now like mentioned in the beginning, the show is more fictious than fact but don't let that sway you from watching. You'll enjoy seeing how our favorite Scottish Queen navigates both French and Scottish Court.

2) The Crown

Based on the ruling of Queen Elizabeth II the current ruling Queen of England, we're shoved head first into her personal life and the lives of the royal family. We see her children grow up, how they dealt with royal life and the struggles that come along with it. Her marriage with now passed Prince Philip and eventually on in the seasons we're privy to Prince Charles and Princess Diana's relationship. She becomes one of my and I think a lot of people's favorite characters because I mean, she's Princess Diana. Enough said.

The Crown is one of those shows that just sucks you in and keeps you. The cinematography, the costuming (we all know I love my costuming departments), the dialogue. I mean, it's so crisp and beautiful that I have to chef kiss everybody who has involvement in the production of the show.

3) Victoria

If you're noticing a theme of English royalty, it's honestly because I'm a sucker for the history and stories of the English monarchy.

The show Victoria has some of the most accurate costuming out of this list so far. Being Victoria we see right from the get go that it isn't an easy job. It's hard to rule the country when your mother's lover is back seat ruling, it's even harder to rule a country when the last Queen to rule England was Elizabeth I and nobody thinks you can do the job like she did. But this is the toils of Victoria. The song Gloriana or 'The Suite' is heard in the opening credits of every episode referencing her ties with the last Tudor queen Elizabeth I.

Honestly Victoria muffed up ruling in the beginning and the show stays true to that. She wasn't perfect, and made her fair share of mistakes. Falling in love with a Lord who was also the Prime Minister wasn't a mistake but more of a love that wouldn't work out. It didn't, but still we all mourn that little tryst.

Honestly, it's how we see that she isn't perfect and made mistakes that often bit her in the ass afterwards. Her distrust for certain people in the beginning of her reign and the show come back and hurt her in the future. Victoria doesn't disappoint.

4) The Great

Looking for a show that boasts that it's a lil bit fictious but hilarious so it's ok? Look no further than The Great. Coming into the Russian Court, we're at the hands of Catherine. Soon to become Catherine the Great. Her husband Peter III a little ditzy and not a great ruler has her cooking up a coup and becoming the sole ruler of Russia.

So far there's only two seasons and both are hilarious and full of amazing scenes. It can get to be a bit bloody at times and down right gross. But don't let this turn you away, if anything the bloodiness and grossness add to the hilarity of the show.

Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult really mesh well together, their dynamic pratically bouncing off the scenes and solidifying Catherine and Peter's relationship in our hearts. They're not perfect and are often at a knives edge with each other but that's what makes them, them. Being privy to the mostly fictious but hilarious relationship between the two, we're lucky to see.

5) Medici Masters of Florence

What's the world look like when you're the biggest banking family in Italy, specifically Florence. To the Medici's, it means, upholding your family name and rooting yourself as the ones to trust with Italy funds and eventually the Pope's funds. Coming from just being merchants and slowly building themselves up as the name of high class people.

Medici Masters of Florence is more than just about this family who has money and power. It's about boosting your economy or being the name to throw under the bus when times get tough. When money becomes worthless or plague hits your home you blame the people in power, and for the longest time it was the Medici's.

Honestly, I loved the show, the drama is rich, the clothing? Stunning. The setting really solidifies the world and I truly believe that I'm in the early fifteenth century.

With that being the fifth show, we are at the end of our list. As always, let me know which shows you decided were worth your time and emotions. I have loved watching these shows and being drawn into the worlds that have been created. Some have even become comfort shows for when times are a little tough.

All the love,


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