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Top 10 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

In times like these, we are spending more and more time on our own and most find ourselves with more time to spare. It can be difficult with online work and school to sit down, strain our eyes further, and read a book to learn something new. That is the beauty of podcasts! They are free, simple, and easy to listen to while driving, working, or doing chores around the house. Podcasts simultaneously entertain and teach you a thing or two about anything you could possibly imagine. There are so many out there now you are bound to find one that interests you!

Here is a list of some popular podcasts that you should be listening to right now! There’s some new, some weird, and a little something for everybody.

1. Crime Junkie

This podcast has consistently made its way to the top of podcast rankings. It is one of the most popular true-crime podcasts out there, and there are a lot of them. This show is hosted by Ashley Flowers and her lifelong friend Brit Prawat. This podcast was originally published on December 17, 2017, and continues to make weekly releases. Each episode ranges from 30 minutes to an hour long. The episodes cover crimes that include murders, missing persons, and serial killers. The podcast prides itself on keeping the storytelling straightforward and avoids conspiracies or rabbit holes. Each month they do an extra episode where Brit Prawat tells stories about dogs who have been adopted. This segment is unrelated to the typical content but is a welcomed break between some of the serious stories. This podcast is for animal and true crime lovers!

2. Canceled With Tana Mongeau

A controversial pick, I know, but with only four episodes so far this podcast has already charted in the top 100 rankings. I cannot say you’ll learn much, but this is for my reality television lovers who just want to hear YouTube celebrities talk about their lives, uncensored, and with nothing held back. In her podcast, YouTube star Tana Mongeau sits down with friends and other popular YouTube stars as they talk about YouTube drama and just crazy stories from their lives. This podcast is for YouTube drama lovers and for those who just want to sit back and have a laugh!

3. Dark History Hosted by Bailey Sarian

In this podcast, Murder, Mystery & Makeup YouTube star, Bailey Sarian, tells true horrific tales from World and US History that you were never taught in class. This podcast started on June 2, 2021, and she posts a new tale from history every week. Bailey’s personality shines through the podcast with her humor and relatable commentary. This podcast is for history, crime, and Bailey Sarian fans!

4. Food 4 Thot

This podcast is a roundtable discussion between a multiracial group of queer writers and friends who talk about anything and everything from sex, relationships, race, identity, books, and pop culture. The podcast is hosted by Tommy Pico, Denne Michele, Joseph Osmundson, and Fran Tirado. The podcast launched in February 2017 and release weekly episodes. Their inspiration for the podcast came from a discussion about how intellectual spaces often do not allow for intellectual conversations about socially taboo topics or things in pop culture that they enjoy. This hilarious, quick-witted bunch is so fun to listen to. This podcast is for everyone who loves to laugh, learn, and is not shy about talking sex!

5. Philosophize This!

This podcast is a beginner-friendly introduction to philosophy. The host Stephen West takes a non-pretentious approach to philosophy that makes it easy for listeners to learn, digest, and ponder. He mixes humor paired with his own opinions on past philosophers and ideas that shaped our world. The podcast started on June 6, 2013, and now has over 150 episodes for thirsty minds to dive into. This podcast is for anyone who wants to learn more about our world, history, and of course, philosophy!

6. Renegades: Born in the USA

This podcast is a series of conversations between former President Barack Obama and popular musician and close friend Bruce Springsteen. With only 8 episodes, each about 45 minutes long, this engaging podcast is a beautiful one to listen to. Their intelligent conversations cover topics from life, family, music, race, and the state of the nation. This podcast is for those who are interested in politics, music, and learning more about the hosts’ interesting lives!

7. Shade

This podcast began in June 2019 as the host Lou Mensah strived to show black representation in the arts. The podcast hosts a variety of anti-racism campaigners, educators, academics, and public figures. In the podcasts they talk about their work and their lives, and how the two influence each other. It is a beautifully constructed podcast that hosts real, critically-minded conversations that center around the systemic oppression people of color face. There are around 45 episodes that are ready for you to dive into today. This podcast is so important for everyone to listen to!

8. The Witch Wave

This podcast is comprised of in-depth conversations on magic, creativity, and culture. Each week, host Pam Grossman is joined by a special guest, who is a leading visionary in their field with witchy inspiration. Pam Grossman hosts everyone from writers, painters, educators, healers, and even comic book illustrators. Each episode is filled with captivating and inspiring conversations that teach the listener so much about culture, art, and even a new perspective on living. The podcast launched in October of 2017 and has now has 75 episodes to dive into. This podcast is for the spiritual, witchy, and art lovers out there!

9. Stuff You Should Know

This podcast has consistently ranked on the Apple Podcasts’ top 10 podcasts list since its debut in April 2008. The podcast is hosted by HowStuffWorks writers Josh Clark and Charles Bryant. The hosts break down the history and purpose on a wide variety of topics until the listener has basic knowledge of the subject. They also mixed in elements of pop culture and humor that make it interesting. New episodes are released every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This podcast has for everyone who loves learning!

10. Today, Explained

This is a daily news podcast with new episodes Monday through Friday. It is hosted by Sean Rameswaram and a team of Vox media reporters. The topics vary day to day and aim at helping listeners understand what is happening in World News in a non-dramatic manner. This podcast ranks high on lists due to listeners appreciating the digestible 20 to 25-minute informative episodes and the podcast’s ability to humanize the topics while also being as serious as the story calls for. This podcast is perfect for everyone’s daily news rundown and for anyone who is confused about current events and wants to know more!



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