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TBT: In the Beginning, There Was Genesis

If I were to ask you how long the superband Genesis has been around, what would you say? Since the 1980s? Maybe even as early as the late 70s? You would probably be surprised to know that this band has been together for 54 years—since 1967—and this band of lifelong friends are getting ready to hit the road again for the last time.

Starting out as high-school friends playing music in their boarding school, the now-iconic Genesis did not enter their career of stardom with a smooth arrival. Before frontman, Phil Collins noticed the help-wanted ads for the blooming Genesis in weekly music magazines in 1970, members Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, and then-lead singer Peter Gabriel were only selling unsuccessful singles that— thanks to the band’s name—were being confused for your everyday religious record.

With Collins’ lead-singing and drumming, Rutherford’s guitar riffs, and Banks’ synthesized selection of instruments, Genesis produced hit after hit throughout the 1970s and into the 90s. And (fun fact!), every album the group released between 1972 and 1997 was certified as Gold or Platinum, including their live albums.

Even through episodes of creative differences, the members of Genesis continued to put out amazing music. Collins had a successful solo career with hits including “In The Air Tonight,” “Sussudio,” “Against All Odds” and the duet “Easy Lover” with Philip Bailey (lead singer of the band Earth, Wind, and Fire). Rutherford formed the band Mike and the Mechanics, which had such hits as “The Living Years” and “All I Need is a Miracle.”

Genesis started their final tour on September 20th, and Collins has ruled out any further dates from the band, saying these will be the last Genesis shows ever. So, if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this band play live in the 54 years they’ve been around, be sure to get your tickets now!

And for those of you who still think you don’t know any Genesis songs, please click on the following videos below. No doubt you’ve heard at least one song of theirs. And if you truly don’t know any of these songs, please let us know by including a comment! However, if you love Genesis, we’d love to know which song of theirs is your favorite.

Mama (1972)

Fly On A Windshield/Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)

Follow You, Follow Me (1978)

Misunderstanding (1980)

Behind the Lines (1980)

Dance on a Volcano (Live, 1980)

No Reply at All (1981)

Abacab (1981)

That’s All (1983)

Invisible Touch (1986)

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (1986)

Throwing It All Away (1986)

Land of Confusion (1986)

Hold On My Heart (1991)



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