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Movies vs Books

Harry potter. Very famous. And believe me, I haven't read a single Harry Potter book. Nor have I watched a single Harry Potter movie. But today, I watched all the Harry Potter movies. I watched all of those in a day. Now I've started with the first book, and I already feel like the book is better than the movie.

The popular belief is that books are often way better than their movie counterparts.

Books are great because they allow the reader to be a part of the story; we are the observers that have insight into the character’s thoughts and feelings, and all the nuances that create three-dimensional characters. With books, there’s just more. More detail, more focus on character development, and more depth to the meaning of the artwork. It’s also the more time-consuming form of the two, and after finishing a novel, after a couple of hours of being immersed into a different world and mind space, it seems like you have suddenly been thrust back into reality.

On the other hand, the great thing about movies is their ability to show, and the overall experience of watching one. While reading a book, I often have a movie reel playing in my head. I can map out the setting, I can see the characters’ expressions, and I can empathies with their emotions.

However, watching the same story unfold on the big screen is a different experience. While reading spurs your imagination, a movie helps you visualize all the elements of the books that were previously confined to your imagination. It immerses you into the story in a different way than a book.

On the other hand it could be argued that films are better than books. People may say that films have a more social aspect than books. You can go to the cinema with your friends and talk about the film together. You cannot read a book the same way and this could lead to disagreement. As well as this watching a film can help you interpret the storyline in a space of two hours, while it may take you a whole weekend to finish a book. Even though I believe that the depth of a book is a good factor, some people do not want to invest the time. The film industry does create more job opportunities and there are many different roles when creating a film, such as the producer, cast, makeup artists, director, script writer etc. With books, there are only a small number of roles, such as the writer, editor, publisher, illustrator and marketing involved.

Any movie could be produced from a good book, no book could get written from a movie.

movies don’t give a lasting impression on the person. But books definitely leave a good impression on the person reading it.

Movies often leave out major parts of the book, due to which the storyline loses its essence.

In conclusion, we can’t conclude which media is better because this all depends on the individuals’ choice, personality and even age. Older people read books more than they watch movies, while the youth would rather watch a movie at their recreation time. Movies and Books have different ways of presenting the story. However, they provide some similar prospects such as main ideas.

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