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Motivation Monday: What to Do When You Have Zero Motivation

If you don’t know who Thomas Frank is, you should get to know him.

Frank, a popular YouTube sensation with 2.3 million subscribers, makes videos to help people of all ages be more productive, whether they be in high school, college, or the real world. And one of his best videos is on motivation, where he gives his four-step process on how to do anything when you have no desire to get started.

  1. Go Outside and Go For A Walk

Even if it seems like it’s the last thing you should do, go for a walk. Walking helps to raise motivation levels and, more importantly, clear your head. And there are studies that show that vitamin D, which you get from sunlight exposure, can help with symptoms of fatigue.

2. Decide on One Specific Task to Work On

If you have a to-do list with multiple items on it, you need to put it away and commit to one single task. Your to-do list will only be a distraction, pulling you away from what you need to do if the project you’re working on gets difficult or challenging.

(Helpful hint: If you have trouble sticking to one project at a time, there is a helpful Google extension called Momentum, which replaces your “new tab” screen with wallpaper that allows you to type in and set it on one specific project or focus.)

3. Work Clean

This means you need to clear your work space and your desktop to set up to work on that one specific task.

“Mise-en-place” is a French term that means “everything in its place.” When your work area is organized for a specific project, you will be able to work on that task much more effectively.

4. The Blank Page is the Enemy

Don’t try to produce stellar work the first time out. When starting the project, just get out what is on your mind right at that moment. You can always go back later to rework what you’ve written. Getting something down on paper is better than having nothing.

Once you are motivated to start and add something to the page, that means you have begun your project. And beginning is usually the hardest part.



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