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Motivation Monday: Learn to Appreciate the Journey

We now live in a TikTok/Instagram/Facebook society. And because we live in a world that centers around social media, it means that we’ve become quite good at putting filters on things.

Unfortunately, those filters are falsehoods that we use to help us show that our lives are amazing even when they’re not—that they’re “amazing” even when we’re struggling or depressed or lonely, that they’re “amazing” even when we know that we don’t have it all figured out. Filters can always make it look like we do.

We all want to have an impact in this world. We all strive for that. However, it’s important to remember that the journey to get to that “impact” is just as important.

If you are standing at the foot of a mountain and you want to reach the summit, you will need to plan your route and attempt to scale it systematically, with intention and precision. Clearly, you can’t make it to the top quickly. It won’t come instantaneously.

It’s the same with making a true impact in this world. If the summit of that mountain represents the change you ultimately want to be a part of, you, too, will need to plan your route and attempt it with intention and precision. And if it’s real, it won’t come easy, and it shouldn’t. Unfortunately, though, social media has made us love the impact only and completely ignore the long road and effort that it takes for us to get there.

So be patient with yourself. The things that really, truly matter—things like getting an education, finding true love, building your self-confidence, achieving job fulfillment, developing a skill set—they all take time. The overall journey to obtain these things is arduous and long and difficult. And that’s okay. Enjoy it.

Learn to appreciate the journey that gets you there.



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