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Introduction To True Crime Tuesdays

As our founder and fearless leader and I were talking about the many different aspects that exist for nerds to obsess over, we had a few different things we wanted to make sure made it to the site. One aspect that really has a lot of followers who gladly nerd out about it is true crime shows and documentaries.

This is not as morbid or weird as it sounds. As humans, we have a need to understand the best and the worst in the world around us. With this desire comes our obsession with true crime and figuring out how and why the worst things can happen in the world around us.

In this recurring piece, we will cover everything from documentaries to docuseries and even podcasts. There are many ways that we all find our people, the place that we feel welcome and able to truly be ourselves and have people that share our interests - strange or not.

We want Nerdz Newz to be that place for people, for everyone who has that thing that makes them feel like they are slightly different from those around them. So, buckle up everyone and get ready as we prepare to make a corner for those true crime nerds who are looking for the place they can get their updates and find new avenues of entertainment to fulfill them.

Next week we will be talking about something that everyone who likes true crime should be aware of - The Obsessed Network. This is a whole slew of podcasts you can listen to that covers every aspect 0f true crime you can think of, and if you aren't already a follower, do yourself a favor and check it out before our next True Crime Tuesday.

Please be sure to let me know what your favorite cases, docs, podcasts, and series are at

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