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Fresh Music Friday: Friday, October 1, 2021 and The Free Britney Movement

The day has come for the famous pop star, Britney Spears, as a judge has finally suspended her father, Jamie Spears, from acting as the conservator of her estate. John Zabel, a certified public accountant, will now temporarily step into the role. The next step that all of us are pushing for is to completely remove the legal conservatorship and allow Britney Spears to finally control her own life.

This 13-year battle began back in 2008 when Britney had a very public mental health crisis and was put under a legal conservatorship. This conservatorship legally allowed her father to make all her personal, medical, and financial decisions. For some time now Spears has accused her father of exploitation.

The New York Times documentary that was released back in February on Hulu titled, ‘Framing Britney Spears’, even claims that her father forced her to get an IUD implanted so that she could not get pregnant, even though she wants more children. The New York Times has also just released the second installment of the documentary titled, ‘Controlling Britney Spears’ that dives into the inner workings of the conservancy with an interview from a former employee of the security firm that guards the singer. The guard claims the company place listening devices in her bedroom and mirrored her cellphone to closely monitor her communications.

The newest Netflix documentary titled, ‘Britney vs. Spears’, was released on September 28th and adds an additional lens on the legal battle with interviews from Britney’s ex-boyfriend, ex-manager, and more. There are several documentaries out there about the case as it is a shocking one that has drawn a lot of media attention and for a good reason. How can a working, successful, and famous 39-year-old woman be trapped in such a situation?

The New York Times documentary highlights the impact media and paparazzi had on how the public viewed Britney Spears in the past. The media consistently villainized her and exploited her mental illness for money. Many blame sexism in the media for this conservatorship. Britney was consistently painted as unhinged, wild, and out of her mind. When she was just a young woman going through turmoil in her personal life. What she needed was temporary help, but instead, she lost all rights to her own life for the past 13 years. In those 13 years, she worked, released new music, performed regularly, and had a very successful and lucrative Las Vegas residency.

The major argument of the Free Britney Movement is the fact that if she was able to work and perform, why was she not able to make her own decisions? Enough is enough. Removing her father is a step in the right direction, but it’s time to free Britney completely. The exact date is unknown, but a court hearing is to be set before the end of the year to considering terminating the conservatorship altogether.

Albums Releasing Today:

Andy Mineo - Never Land II

Asking Alexandria - See What's on the Inside

Black Dice - Mod Prog Sic

Brandi Carlile - In These Silent Days

Dar Williams - I'll Meet You Here

Doobie Brothers - Liberté

Dying Wish - Fragments of a Bitter Memory

Felix Jaehn - BREATHE

Full of Hell - Garden Of Burning Apparition

Hans Zimmer - No Time to Die (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Hovvdy - True Love

Illuminati Hotties - Let Me Do One More

Jeremy Zucker - CRUSHER

JoJo - trying not to think about it

Leah Kate - What Just Happened?

Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett - Love For Sale

Lil Wayne & Rich The Kid - Trust Fund Babies

Lily Rose - Stronger Than I Am

Logan Mize - Welcome to Prairieville

LVCRFT - The Return

Meek Mill - Expensive Pain

Ministry - Moral Hygiene

Mink Slide - Funk on Wheels

Molly Payton - Slack

Muzi - Interblaktic

Newsboys - Stand

Pond - 9

RAY BLK - Access Denied

Strand of Oaks - In Heaven

Tirzah - Colourgrade

TWICE - The Feels

Valley - Last Birthday

Wage War - Manic

Wiki - Half God

Yes - The Quest



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