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Blue Water Road: Kehlani’s anticipated 3rd studio album

Were you randomly scrolling on Instagram last Tuesday afternoon when you came across Kehlani’s announcement? Well, that was definitely me. The lesbian icon and singer that is Kehlani announced the winter release of their third studio album and fans couldn’t be more excited. To add to the heavily anticipated album, they released the first single and music video to kick off the new era. Altar takes us on an ethereal journey of healing and growth.

With the lives lost due to COVID and other unexpected life events, Kehlani uses this song to speak on all the “angels” that are now gone. Kehlani and fellow songwriter, Ambré, took to Twitter to discuss the meaning behind the song and the concept of the video. Ambré says that all of the people lost in the past two years are not forever gone and that “their presence is always felt”. With such a powerful message, Kehlani brings the same energy to the music as they dance alongside their guardian angel. The graceful choreographer, La Diovanna, accompanies Kehlani on this journey of growth as their guardian angel and gives an almost mystifying touch to the visual.

This era of Blue Water Road already feels so peaceful and euphoric and I can only imagine what else the singer has up their sleeve. Kehlani believes that they are leaving behind the troubles of It Was Good Until It Wasn't', their second studio album, and headed “into the light”. Although this will be their third album, this will be their 6th musical project. It amazes me how all of their albums and problems almost flow together and create a perfect picture

of who Kehlani was and who they are becoming. Personally, I find this era so impressionable

and powerful because they have not only open up about their sexuality, but she is demonstrating how proud of herself she is. I think this era isn’t just about them being queer, but mores so about what it took for her to transition from a cocoon state to the beautiful blue butterfly that they’ve become. Of course, the Mob, and I included, is very excited that this album will specifically be about Kehlani’s queerness and love for women, but we are also excited to see the musical growth and spiritual healing that comes with it.

With such a spontaneous announcement of the album, fans are left with many questions which I hope will be answered in the next few weeks. I am curious as to whether or not the winter release will be in the month of December or in early 2022. There are always rumors of features and collaborations too! In the last few months, Kehlani has been repeatedly seen with stars such as SZA and Lizzo; so, who’s to say they aren’t featured on the album? Meg Thee Stallion has also worked with Kehlani in the past and I know for sure that they have several recorded songs together somewhere on someone’s hard drive. IF SO: I NEED TO HEAR IT NOW. Besides the release date and features, I am also curious as to what kind of genres of music we will hear. With the first single released being Altar, the listeners get to hear a more spiritual and soulful song with a twinge of pop. I’d personally love to hear more stripped or acoustic styled songs from the singer, and I have a feeling we’ll be getting a bit of that. On a lighter note, I am overall excited to hear new gay anthems. In lack of better words, it’s about damn time! With the release of Lil Nas X’s project, Montero, and Kehlani’s winter release the future gays to come are being left in good hands... in terms of music.





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