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Artist Profile: Sebastian le Fay

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Sebastian le Fay is an incredibly talented up-and-coming artist from Denmark whose preferred canvas is himself. Sebastian’s photos always have a theme of some sort and include video step-by-step instructions and tips and tricks on how to re-create his looks.

He is known for making the jewelry, headpieces, and props that are used in his themed looks, and according to his website ( “...he creatively uses recycled and upcycled items in his art as much as possible ​and encourages other artists to do the same.”

While his photographs are innovative and beautifully created themselves, his standalone videos are also well-done and focus on a wide range of topics: from classic book reviews to raising awareness about the environment. An advocate of self-care, le Fay openly discusses his personal experiences in coping with stress in both his Instagram posts and in his YouTube videos.

His videos, which are both entertaining and educational, include a sign-off at the end where Sebastian actively encourages anyone who is in crisis or in pain to contact him. The tagline that he ends every video with is “Stay safe. Be kind. I’m here.”

In a world where many Instagram stars are searching for praise and likes, Sebastian is using the medium to help change the world, one person at a time. We thank you for being there, Sebastian!

You can check Sebastian le Fay out on his Instagram account or on his website at

Catch the full interview HERE.



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Selinsgrove START
Selinsgrove START
Aug 11, 2021

We love to see Sebastian le Fay getting the recognition he deserves! What a talent!


Thank you for introducing me to this human and their work. I am enjoying learning more about their works. 😀

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