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Albums from Small Artists to Listen to as You Start Your Semester

As the Spring semester starts I have been on the hunt for new, expressive music to listen to between classes, during study time, and in my dorm room. And, if there’s anything we should carry over from 2021 to 2022, it should be our newfound love for small business!

So, to save you some time during a very busy start of the semester, here’s some music from small/independent artists you should check out this week:

Manic Candid Episode - The Murlocs (2019)

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 249,474

Genre: Neo-Psychedelic, Australian Garage Punk, Indie Garage Rock

The Murlocs are an Australian rock band. Their sound is mostly a mix of rock and R&B, giving them a very distinct and memorable tone. Many of their members are from the band King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, which has a much harsher rock sound compared to the almost folksy sound the Murlocs have.

Notable Songs: Problematic Subject, Manic Candid Episode, Spun Gun, Catch 22

The Turning Wheel - Spelling (2021)

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 188,866

Genre: Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Electronic

Spelling is an experimental pop artist who incorporates various sound elements throughout her works. The Turning Wheel is best listened to in succession as it’s split into two parts: Above and Below. Bordering on Jazz, it’s a very smooth album and many songs lead into the next, making for a very unique exploration of sound.

Notable Songs: Little Deer, The Future, Emperor with an Egg

NO DREAM - Jeff Rosenstock (2020)

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 209,879

Genre: Indie Punk, Folk Punk, Modern Power Pop

Rosenstock released this album in 2020 with no promotional build up. Listening to the album, it’s clear that it didn’t need it either. A very solid album creates a very emotional feeling through Rosenstock’s lyrics and loud instrumentation. It’s a very good example of a modern punk album.

Notable Songs: Scram! ,***BNB, Honeymoon Ashtray

Friend Goals - Tank and The Bangas (2020)

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 255,068

Genre: New Orleans Funk, Escape Room

According to Heather Rudrow in The Washingtonian Tank and the Bangas work is “a lively fusion of funk, soul, hiphop, rock, and spoken word.” And it definitely shows in this album! Very catchy lyrics and an amazingly fun sound, this six song EP should definitely be on your list of music to listen to.

Notable Songs: Fluff, TSA

Mother Earth’s Plantasia - Mort Garson (2019)

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 249,054

Genre: Moog, Canadian Psychedelic, Space Age Pop

This entirely instrumental, electronic album is more of an experience than an album. Originally composed purely for plants in 1976, this album had a very limited run only being available to those buying houseplants at a store in Los Angeles or a specific mattress from Sears. Its remaster is available much more widely. Its interesting history and its distinct sound, should be reason enough to give it a listen. I recommend headphones for this one.

Notable Songs: Plantasia, Baby’s Tears Blue, You Don’t Have to Walk a Begonia

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