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A Nerdz Guide to Mercury Retrograde

The final Mercury retrograde of 2021 is approaching on September 27 and is lasting until October 18. Here’s what you need to know to help make this crazy time easier.

What does it mean for Mercury to be in Retrograde?

Let’s start with the basics. When a planet is in retrograde that means in relationship to us on earth the plant appears to be moving backwards. This term was coined when we all still thought the earth was the center of the Solar System instead of the Sun. So, the planet is not actually moving backwards, it just looks like it’s moving backwards in the earth’s sky. This occurs due to the various orbit speeds of the planets and how they occur in relation to each other.

Astrologers commonly interpreted this as a time of bad luck due to the appearance of planets going against their natural motion. However, there is almost always a planet in retrograde.

Now, what’s the big deal with Mercury? Well, in astrology Mercury is considered the planetary ruler of all communication. That includes speaking, writing, reading, listening, electronics, mail, cars, planes, trains, shipping, and more. It is thought that during times of Mercury retrograde it is common to have relationship problems, contract and negotiation problems, car problems, traveling issues, and computer and phone issues. Basically, all things that we heavily rely on to get through the day. It is a headache, to say the least.

Not to mention, it is also a common time to want to reach out to exes, or randomly hear from exes. Mercury Retrograde is thought to have the ability to bring the past into the present. Mercury retrograde is very much about dealing with the unresolved past. It is a time to find peace, resolution, and closure.

What to do and not do during Mercury Retrograde?


  • Reflect

  • Revise

  • Double-check work

  • Be patient with yourself and others

  • Allow yourself extra time to accomplish tasks

  • Clean


  • Conduct business unless absolutely necessary

  • Sign contracts

  • Scheduling

  • Travel

  • Start a new relationship

  • Start a new job

  • Start a new project

  • Make assumptions or be quick to jump to conclusions

  • Purchase electronics

  • Rely on electronics

Of course, many of us cannot avoid doing these things for the three weeks that Mercury is in Retrograde. However, it is believed that things started during a Mercury Retrograde are destined to fail, so if you can help it, push new beginnings off so they have a post-retrograde start date. This is a time that is best suited for finishing up past projects and reflecting. Whatever you are doing out there, just be gracious and patient with yourself and others these next few weeks. It is the final Mercury Retrograde of the year. We got this!



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