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dvr: The Next Big Thing in Music

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Oh, summer, a time when you can count on there being plenty of new movies at the box office and our favorite bands on tour, except for this summer of course!

This summer, we continued to face down the grim reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has transformed our lives, not to mention our summer, and will forever be etched in my mind as the “lost” summer of 2020.

The one thing the pandemic did not do is discriminate, so everyone, including musicians, suffered alongside us as we missed out on live sports and entertainment venues across the globe. People in the entertainment community have been forced to get hyper-creative in finding alternate solutions in the way they deliver their particular craft. With musicians, in particular, we see this in the form of online concerts and increased activity on YouTube channels.

Quite possibly, one of the most successful solutions of the summer turned out to be on Twitch (an Amazon-owned, live stream platform predominantly used by gamers). One of the people credited with expanding the music landscape in the Twitch universe is producer Kenneth Charles Blume III, known professionally as Kennybeats.

Thanks to Kennybeats, other producers and musicians such as Baur, Disclosure, and Monte Booker began streaming on the site and starting online communities in an associated forum called Discord which is where the story of dvr begins.

The discord started fairly small, but gained momentum over the summer and has now grown into a community of a few thousand dedicated producers, musicians, and casual fans. Music sharing and self-promotion happened every day in the Discord forum, but when dvr posted a link to his five-track EP it quickly became apparent that the Discord had someone truly special in their midst.

Eventually, the moderators listened to the EP and passed it along to Kenny when he was live on Twitch. Kenny and DVR teamed up to collaborate and created what could be the next chart-topper in

less than two days.

This working relationship developed into DVR forming

a collective with other similarly talented members of the Discord

Through their connection with Kenny, they began working with Alex Tumay (unarguably one of the best mixing engineers in the business.) MTV producers caught wind of these new talented musicians popping up out of the Discord and

it has been reported that DJ Khalid personally offered dvr and other members of the collective a trip to next year’s VMAs.

So who or what is dvr? dvr is a Scottish sixteen-year-old, who only recently

started making music in his bedroom, with zero contacts in the music industry, he is skyrocketing to meteoric heights as a talented lyricist, producer, and musician in his own right.

The strongest tracks of his EP entitled Tape_01 are “Lonely”, a four-on-the-floor melancholic banger, “Muscles”, a Dominic Fike-esque smash with an infectious chorus, and “Am Sleep”, the third track on his record with standout lyrics such as “I’m just way too dumb when I’m alone, I find happiness and then I lose it”.

Both lyrically and melodically it is easy to see why dvr stands out as the next big thing in music. If you want the satisfaction of telling

your friends you listened to him before he topped all the charts, stream Tape_01 now and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @dvrtrax.



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