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Frank Ocean's PrEP+

BK Delaney

Despite backlash from some members of the LGBTQ+ community on the name, and amidst impossibly high expectations, Frank Ocean launched his exclusive PrEP+ party (the first in a series of club night events) on Thursday in New York.

The party, named after the drug PrEP, used to prevent HIV/Aids, is considered by Ocean’s camp to, “ homage to what could have been of the 1980s NYC club scene if the drug PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) -- which can be taken daily to prevent HIV/AIDs for those who are not infected but are at high risk -- had been invented in that era.” 

The party was held at the Knockdown Center’s BASEMENT, somewhat ‘deep into Queens’ as some have put it. Featuring some newly-released music by the elusive and widely-acclaimed artist himself which the form if remixes at the event in DIY fashion which has become Ocean’s new M.O. since leaving his record label, the house rules included no photos or videos, though few clips have made their way onto the internet. 

Though, some members of the LGBTQ+ community did not agree with Ocean’s tactics claiming he was attempting to “rewrite history” and that the event itself was “not queer enough”; with others supporting Ocean’s efforts to create “an ongoing safe space made to bring people together and dance...with zero tolerance for hate in any capacity.” 

While the AIDS epidemic wiped out much of the NYC LGBTQ+ club scene (or simply put: the club scene) in the 70s and 80s had led to a stigma and widespread fear within the queer community and moreover; the glory days prior to that time live on as iconic memories in the hearts of many New Yorkers as being an admittedly “special time” in nightlife history for the city. 

And so, is it possible that any attempt to recreate such an experience would likely fall short of such a legendary memorial?

As continued reports from both viewpoints steadily pour in, whichever side you may find yourself on – naysayers or enthusiasts or otherwise – I believe we can all agree on one thing; when there is too little love in the world today, we should embrace and applaud all efforts at inclusion and acceptance (plus, a nod to modern science), especially if those efforts have a positive impact toward PrEP awareness and it’s eventual widespread accessibility.

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Conversations With Myself About You and Other Lovely Things

BK Delaney

In 1 day, 23 hours, and 58 minutes (give or take a few) Lovelytheband's sophomore album, Conversations With Myself About You, drops...but who's counting? The lovelies are of course! Dubbed by the band members themselves, lovelies are the band's steadily multiplying fan base.
Officially hailing from Los Angeles, California, Lovelytheband gained platinum status with their debut album, Finding It Hard to Smile. The band hit the ground running with their first single, "Broken", topping the number one spot on the Billboard charts, followed closely by their second single, alt-rock anthem "These Are My Friends."
Two years, later they have released the sixth track off of their highly anticipated second album. "Idwgtyp", an acronym for I don't want to go to your party, is an upbeat singsongy tune about relationships, and the insecurities we all face in life. And, if the five singles already released from the upcoming album, ("Loneliness for Love", "Waste", "I Should Be Happy", "Buzz Cut", and "idwgtyp") set the tone for what can be expected on the rest of Conversations With Myself About You, then I'd say there will be millions of happy lovelies indeed!

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